A lot of people are scared of washing merino.  You’ve probably been scared off buying merino kids clothes because you think they need special care.  But, you needn’t be.  Merino wool makes great kids clothes, allowing your children to wear cozy layers without a bulky jersey getting in the way of their play.  And the good news is your Eef Ini merino cardigans and long sleeve tees are just as easy to take care of as your trusty cotton tees. 

Our merino is naturally anti bacterial so doesn’t have to be washed as often as other kids clothing.  But, if your little ones spill something (which they will), it is just as easy to wash as your other clothing.  You’ve just got to remember a few things. 

  • Use a wool detergent or Figgy Co laundry powder
  • Wool likes cool (don’t wash on hot or it will shrink!)
  • Gently does it (wash on a gentle or wool cycle)
  • Unbutton cardigans to stop buttons catching and pulling
  • Keep it out of the dryer 

Your Eef Ini merino tops  can be washed in the machine, just make sure you wash on a gentle cycle as anything too vigorous will ruin your garment. And if you need to spot treat a stain, use a bar soap! Lather up the stain and let the soap lift away those marks.

Looking after your screen prints

Our signature prints are what gives your little ones look that touch of charm. And you don’t want a trip through the washer to ruin them. In order to keep your Eef and Ini screen prints looking magic here are some dos and don’ts.

  • Do let you kids wear their Eef and Ini every day because being playful is about as important as it gets! 
  • Do wash with a mild laundry powder using cool or warm water and line dry away from direct sun. 
  • Don’t make a habit of hot washing or drying at hot temperatures. Both can prematurely wear out and shrink your Eef and Ini wares.  And doing cold washes is better for the environment (and your wallet)!  



At Eef Ini we’re all about keeping things simple and natural.  Simple shapes that allow your kids to get on with the important business of playing in comfort.  And simple fabrics like cotton and wool that breathe with your kids and keep them comfortable as they hunt dragons til dinner time.

Keeping your Eef Ini collection looking its best 

Kids have magical dirt attracting powers.  And they create mountains of laundry. So today we’re sharing some tips to help you keep their clothes looking good after they’ve been out being kids.  So don’t worry about that washing pile.  

Eef & Ini was born with a vision to create kids clothes that were comfortable to play in, and keeping the fabrics we use (100 percent cotton and merino wool) natural is really important to me. There are so many chemicals floating around our environment, we don’t need to be wearing them around all day as well! 

Enter Figgy Co. Figgy Co. is a small Wellington business hand batching low allergen and non-toxic home cleaning products.  And they share my passion for keeping things simple and reducing the amount of chemicals in my home (and on my kids backs!).   

This week, I’ve been washing all our clothes here at Eef Ini HQ with Figgy Co laundry cleaner and I am loving how clean and fresh my clothes are. Like all you busy mums, I like to keep our laundry routine simple too. 

And Figgy Co makes it so easy to get my clothes clean – with less chemicals (and I think they’re cleaner than before!) So, I’ve invited Aimee from Figgy Co. to share some top tips for keeping your Eef Ini collection looking its best.   

Tell us about Figgy Co. 

Jane and I started Figgy Co. after we found ourselves making our own natural home cleaners but couldn’t find what we needed in one place. We knew cleaning green was better for us and our families, but we needed it to be convenient too. We are all about cutting out the harsh and sometimes harmful chemicals used in typical home cleaners, we just don’t think there is anything good about having these chemicals in our home environment. 

We hand batch all our natural home cleaners in house using simple but powerful ingredients like washing soda and baking soda. These cleaning go-tos have been used for generations. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity, our cleverly formulated pared-back formulations do a fantastic job in every room of the house – especially in the laundry. 

What is your washing routine? 

For every day washing, with light soiling and no obvious stains or marks, simply pop your garment into the wash on a cold or warm cycle, and hang it on the line to dry. The Figgy Co. range of laundry powders are made from simple mineral ingredients like washing soda, baking soda and borax and boosted with pure soap that has been specifically formulated for cleaning.  

Our laundry powders are gentle enough to use on any fabric that is machine washable. Because they are concentrated with no fillers, a regular load of washing calls for only one tablespoon of powder! And by keeping things like synthetic fragrance, detergents and optical brighteners out of the formulations, we find it really helps kids with eczema or sensitive skin. If you want to use a fabric softener, vinegar does a great job without coating your clothes in anti-static chemicals! 

How do you tackle stubborn stains? 

When the inevitable happens (and it will) and your little one gets a stain or mark on their Eef Ini clothes – sorting it out is as easy as one, two, three!  Try not to let the stain set. The longer the stain sits on your fabric the more likely it is to permanently mark – it is essentially dying the fibres!

 If you can’t deal with it immediately, start off by softening the stain with cool water when you can or if it is oil based, blot with cornflour. The cornflour sucks up the oil and can be brushed off.  Use a pre-treatment to lift the stain away. The Figgy coconut bar soap  is small but it sure is mighty. Simply wet up the stain with warm water and rub the bar of soap directly onto the stain or stains. Work up a really good lather with your fingers and rubbing the fabric together and rinse. For stains that you know are going to take a bit more work to remove let the soap suds sit on the garment for 10 to 30 minutes before rinsing.

Old stains?  The Figgy coconut bar soap may just move those ones on too. Ingrained stains often lift with a good lather up and some gentle brushing from an old soft toothbrush – just be sure to avoid vigorous scrubbing or the surface of the fabric could look fluffed. For merino be extra careful and just make sure you brush in one direction or a fibre could snag.

Don’t forget the time saving joy of spot cleaning where you just wash a small part of a garment by hand. If a piece of clothing really hasn’t been worn for very long but has still managed to get a little mark on it, give washing out just that little mark a go – so easy, just use the Figgy bar soap.  Wash as normal. Choose a cool or warm setting and use an extended cycle time if you can. 

Any tips for soaking? (I’ve heard some traditional laundry powders can ‘eat’ the fibres causing holes)

Using a laundry soak is another option for keeping cotton tops looking bright and crisp. This can be used instead of, or in conjunction with the washing routine I've outlined. Figgy Co laundry soaker uses oxygen bleach which is granulated hydrogen peroxide. 

Oxygen bleach is a gentle colourfast stain lifter and won’t ‘eat’ fabric like chlorine bleach is known to do. It is particularly good at releasing plant based stains. We have formulated this to be 50% active without optical brighteners or harsh cleaners.

It can be used as either a bucket soak for a few hours or overnight, or as an in-wash booster. Just add the soaker at the same time as you add the laundry powder. Oxygen bleach is best activated with warmer water, and will release tiny bubbles showing that the cleaning action has started. We recommend you don't soak wool though.

Can I dry my Eef Ini tops in the dryer? 

Line drying is best for both cotton and merino garments, but cotton tops can have a run through the dryer on a reduced heat seating every now and then because let’s face it, it’s winter! Don’t put your merino in the dryer or it will shrink.  Some things to remember - the heat and tumbling action of the dryer produces lint, which comes from your clothes and over time this will thin out the garments fabric.  Using high temperatures will make clothes made from natural fibres, including cotton shrink.  

High temperatures can also cause delicate screen prints to come away from fabric.  Always line dry clothes when you can. But, Eef Ini cotton tops can be thrown in the dryer on a low setting occasionally.  Just try and keep drying time short. 

A great way to shorten drying times and to reduce static cling is to invest in some wool dryer balls. They also do a great job of softening your clothes. These handy balls bounce around with your clothes, separating them and allowing the warm air to more efficiently circulate. 

Any last words? 

I’m going to leave the last word to someone who loves dressing her kids in Eef and Ini and also uses Figgy Co. All natural cleaners. “Eef and Ini tees are designed with children in mind and their fabric choices reflect that. I love that I can use my Figgy Co. Laundry products to keep my tees deliciously soft taking comfort in knowing that all Figgy products are gentle on little ones skin just like Eef and Ini fabrics. Of course those adventure stains can be pretty scary but Figgy bar soap has washed our Eef and Ini gear up time and time again without fail, so I think we are in safe hands” – Nicki from @tinybradys a busy down-to-earth mum with two gorgeously dressed girls. 

About Figgy Co. laundry products (and a special deal!) Figgy Co laundry powders are available in four great options: scent free Natural, Lemon, Grapefruit Tea tree and Rose Sweet orange ($15  for 750g or approximately 37 loads), the coconut bar soap is scent free and made using traditional soap making methods specifically for stain blasting ($5 for 100g). Figgy’s double strength white vinegar is naturally brewed  in New Zealand and is over twice the strength of supermarket vinegars ($13 1L) These and other natural cleaning products can be found at And, they're delivered to your door. 

As a special for gift for you, Figgy Co have offered 20% off all laundry powders using the code ‘EEFANDINI20’. This code is good ‘til the end of June 2017. 



You're out on a nature walk. You stop to examine things as you wander. You're searching for treasures. Pretty flowers to press between the pages of a book, interesting seed pods to add to your collection of pinecones and twigs. Or maybe a little bouquet for your mama. Remember those days? We want to bring those carefree moments of childhood back.   

Introducing the Little Explorers collection……

Our LITTLE EXPLORERS winter 2017 collection is inspired by winter nature walks; when the air is crisp, and the forest is full of fallen leaves and playful shadows.  With a colour palette of earthy browns and greens with a hint of icy blue, the LITTLE EXPLORERS collection takes us back to the carefree days of dancing in the rain, and falling into bed so tired that you’re asleep before you can begin planning the next day’s adventures. Each piece is inspired by a childhood memory; of hunting for treasures, picking wildflowers, and being at one with nature. The range includes cozy jumpers made from soft pure merino, and long and short sleeve tees – all made from high quality cotton.  Thoughtfully handprinted  in Wellington, New Zealand. 



When I was at school, there was a boy in my class who wore shorts and a t shirt everyday – without fail.  Even in the depths of Winter.  Now, I’m not advocating freezing in short sleeves in the bitting cold, but you can keep wearing your graphic tees into the cooler months. You’ve just got to know how to style them. We’ve styled up our Journey tees show you that you don’t  have to sacrifice style because of the climate. 

Layer up with merino 

As the days get colder,  why not wear your extra layers under your tee?   We love layering up with merino as it gives you warmth without the bulk.    Pick a neutral merino that fits snugly to make your tee the star of the show. 

Throw on a jacket

A simple recipe for effortless style is to wear your favourite jacket or cardigan open over your tee. Change up your jacket for a new look.  A cardigan is sweet, or up the edge with a hoodie or bomber jacket. 

Let it peek out from behind a suspender skirt

A fun alternative to the pinafore, the suspender skirt (or shorts for the little guys) lets your show off your graphic tee in all it’s glory.  Team with tights, boots and a cardigan and you’re ready to hunt dragons til dinner time. 

Pair it with a maxi skirt

Keep your legs warm with a skirt that hits your shoes. (we’re a little obsessed with this tulle and tee combo!).   With or without tights it’s a girly look that’s cozy to boot!

Add woollens 

These adorable wool bloomers take the t-shirt and shorts combo to the next level.  Pair them with long socks or tights and a light jacket to take you seamlessly to from playground to playdate. 

Or you could wear shorts and a t shirt 

Just add tights and merino to keep you a bit cozier!



Creating a kids capsule isn't really about the number of clothes your kids have.  Its about simplifying their wardrobe and your life. You should be aiming to make more outfits with less clothes (it’s surprising how few clothes kids actually need).  But don’t stress about the number. Remember why you wanted to do this – to make life simpler.

Let's Build!

Before you build a capsule, you'll need to look at your lifestyle (if you haven't already, read this post on what type of clothes you'll need for your capsule),  know what colours suit  your child and decide how many days of clothes you need. Once you know all of that,  it’s time to create your capsule. Armed with this information you can work out how many outfits do you need. 

Why you might need more

 If you have children who are toilet training or need changes of clothes for daycare,  add two more outfits to the number you picked. 

An example capsule

We do laundry often so I decided that I would create a capsule based on seven days worth of clothes. Yours will differ depending on how strong your aversion to the washing machine is! These examples all assume you have enough socks and underwear for the amount of outfits. 

Capsule wardrobe for a Boy, 4 years, Autumn 

7-10 long-sleeve shirts/tee shirts/shirt (try to include some print and some plain) 

7-10 pairs of pants (try to include dressy and casual)  

3-4 sweaters / hoodies

1 heavy coat, winter hat, pair of gloves/swimsuit and sunhat for summer

1 pair of sneakers (pick a neutral colour)

1 pair of boots in Winter/ sandals in Summer  (pick a neutral colour) 

Capsule wardrobe for a Girl , 3 years, Autumn

 5 bottoms (shorts, Skirts, leggings, pants, tights)

7 tops (long sleeve tee/tee, shirt)

4 jerseys/cardigans (get good essential cardigans that go with everything)

1 heavy coat, winter hat, pair of gloves/swimsuit and sunhat for summer

1 pair of sneakers (pick a neutral colour)

1 pair of boots  in Winter/ sandals in Summer  (pick a neutral colour)

Note on dresses: These are pretty much a full outfit so count each dress as one top and one bottom. 

What about accessories? 

This will be dictated by your kids personal style.  My daughter loves scarves but will ripoff pretty headbands, so we don’t include them.  

Accessories can add fun to an outfit so include 4-5 hats, scarves, headbands or other accessories that your kid loves.   Or nothing at all.  If that’s how they roll.  Over to you. 

Do you have any other tips for creating a capsule wardrobe? 



Will you still want to wear it in 20 years? She asked. 

We were discussing what to include in a capsule wardrobe and my friend said that when picking clothes to include, she always asks herself that question.   Would she want to wear it again and again and again?

Her point was that your wardrobe should include only the pieces that you really love. And it got me thinking.  That the same principle applies to building a capsule wardrobe for your kids.  

They're definitely not going to be wearing the same clothes in 20 years (cos they seem like they are getting 10cm taller each day!)

 But, asking myself questions as I shop has helped me build minimalist, versatile and durable wardrobes for my kids and become a more mindful consumer.  

If I see something that I like, I pause and ask myself: 

Does this go with three other things in my kids wardrobe?
I still hear her every time I go shopping. “Does this go with three things you already have?” she would ask as I stroked the beautifully soft skirt that I just had to have.

My mother's  words made me mentally put together outfits and made my buying decisions a lot easier.  It might seem silly at first, but when you train yourself to do this, taking a moment at the store will save you hours of dealing with things you bought that weren’t right.

Can this be mixed or matched?

When building a capsule wardrobe pick pieces that are versatile. And consider your whole wardrobe when shopping. When you're browsing, ask yourself: Will the tops you are considering play well with all the bottoms in your wardrobe?  Do you have a balance of prints and plains? 

Will they want to wear it in 20 years? Thanks to my dear friend, I now always consciously think about the quality of a piece before I buy it.  My kids aren’t actually going to be wearing it in 20 years, but I’d like to think that it is built to hold up to years of kids playing in it. So, it's always quality over quantity for me. 

You'll get more use out of quality clothes than if you buy something cheap that stretches out of shape, fades and disintegrates within a season. 

Do you like to keep track of everything in a list?  

Here's a handy shopping list to help you plan your expeditions.

Buy less, but buy better

As Vivienne Westwood once said, "buy less, but buy better".  And becoming a more mindful consumer has helped me do just that.  Asking myself these questions has allowed me to create versatile, durable and functional wardrobes for my kids. Filled with styles that both my kids and I love.

When I started building my kids capsule wardrobes, my goal was always to pick clothes that allow me to spend less time deciding what to wear, shopping and doing laundry.   And have more time and energy for enjoying other things in life. Like, getting lost in storybooks, collecting treasures on nature walks. 

So try asking yourself these questions next time you go shopping and make a wardrobe that makes getting dressed fun and easy! 

Over to you 

Do you have tips on shopping more mindfully?  



Do you know why that black jersey that makes your gorgeous little redhead look ill every time he wears it? But that sky blue tee is perfect? 

Colour theory.  

The way that different colours work together will affect what your final outfit looks like and whether it suits you (or your kids).  

Your little one looks stunning in blues, because orange and blue are complementary colours (opposite on colour wheel). The orange tones in your little ones hair are complementing the blues in the tee and this paring makes each of the colours more vibrant.   

Remember when you told yourself that you'd buy the rainbow when choosing kids clothes.  But then the dark side called your name and you ended up buying black? Because it goes with everything, right?   

I hear you.  But adding colour to your kids wardrobe is easy. And here's a few tips to help you create colour pairings that sing! 

Identify your style 

You know what you and your kids like. You’re confident in your individual style. Mixing colours all comes down to your personal style.   

You may be a fan of minimalist neutrals, or you may like dressing your kids in head to toe monochrome. You might like to add some bold accents.  You may be in love with bright sunshine yellows or have a serious addiction to blush pink.  

What do your kids like? Are they furious collectors of everything blue but studiously avoid anything yellow?  Do they gravitate to anything red? Deciding on a colour palette that includes colours you love will make choosing clothes much easier. 

Wear what you love – and leave the rest

You will quickly identify the colours that your kids love to wear, that suit them and fit your style. 

Pick key pieces in these colours. Pick a different few colours for accent pieces or accessories. 

Defining what you like will also tell you what you don’t like.  Forget about those colours and make pairings based on how the colours you’ve chosen go together. 

Everyone’s style of mix and match is a bit different, but pairing complementary colours (opposite on colour wheel) makes each colour stand out more, while matching up colours that are next to each other creates a more harmonious look.   

Add in some neutral basics in black, navy, brown or grey. If your kids are past that spill everything on their top phase you can go for white too! 

Then you’re good to go. 

Take a step back and see if you’ve included enough colours

For maximum versatility, the individual colours you’ve chosen should mix well with each other.  So you can create lots of outfits from the same clothes. 

Take a look at your colours. How do your colours pair with your neutrals?  Can you wear each neutral with at least two of the colours you have chosen? 

Think about the depth of colour of the clothes you’ve chosen.  Do you have a mix of light, medium, and dark shades? (For instance sky blue, mid-blue, and navy)?  

This will give you more variation when creating outfits. 

Simple doesn't have to be boring

Having a minimalist wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring.  Your kids wardrobe can be small, versatile and colourful. And loving everything in your kids closet means that you make less decisions about getting them dressed in the morning! 



Think again.

I’ll let you in on a secret.  A capsule wardrobe is not all about clothes.   I know you're itching to sort your kids clothes, but there are a few things you need to think about before you start building a capsule wardrobe for your kids.  

Before you even think about building your capsule

 1. Evaluate your lifestyle 

The most important part of creating a capsule is evaluating your (and your kids) lifestyle. 

It’s no use having 5 pretty vintage dresses if your daughter is in daycare 5 days a week and regularly comes home covered in paint.  (I know they were adorable on Instagram!!)

 Ask yourself:

  • Does your child go to kindergarten/daycare? How many days a week? 
  • Do they play any sports that they need special clothes for? 
  • Are they toilet training (and sometimes have accidents)? 
  • Are your kids masters of transferring everything they eat onto their clothes? Requiring many wardrobe changes throughout the day? 

Like writing things down?  Here's a handy worksheet. 

2. Involve your kids

Did you know that kids are more likely to get dressed without fuss if they like their clothes. And they had a say in choosing them.  

So, if they’re old enough, sit down with them and work out what they like to wear. For instance if your daughter hates wearing dresses then don’t include them or it will be a battle to get them worn. 

And if the colour green makes her scream with delight, include some green in her capsule.  

When you’re creating a capsule show them options you are considering and let them pick their favourite (but not too many, you’ll overwhelm them). 


  • What do they love to wear?
  • What are their favourite colours? 
  • What do they find comfortable?(these will be the pieces that have been worn again and again – so might need replacing but take a note of fabric and styles so you can add these to your new capsule) 
  • Do they complain that some pieces are uncomfortable? (again, make a note of these.)

How much do you love your washing machine? 

Lets talk dirty.  Dirty clothes. Some people like to do all their washing at the weekend. Others do small loads during week. 

Think about how many days you’d like to go without doing laundry. You will need at least this many outfits in your capsule (more if you need to account for toilet training, messy play or messy eaters.) 

3. Look at what they currently have

Now you have looked at what you need for your lifestyle, take a look at the clothes your kids currently have.  

Do they have the right clothes? Are there gaps?  Make a note of these.  

What to keep and what to chuck

Make a big pile of clothes on the floor. (Kids love this bit!) Sort through them to create the base of your capsule. 

KEEP Your kids favourites. Ever bought an outfit you thought was cute but your little darlings refused to wear it?  Sorry, those are the ones that have to go! 

STORE clothes that are in good condition that will be worn by younger siblings.

 DONATE clothes that are  in good condition but don’t suit your child or can’t be passed on to younger siblings. If you find you have lots of similar items when sorting,  pick your favourites and then donate the rest.

GET RID OF stained clothes, threadbare clothes, pilled clothes. 

As you sort, you will probably see a colour theme emerge.  Use this colour as a base to build the rest of your capsule. 

What's next?

Now you've analysed your lifestyle, decided what you’re keeping and have an idea of the colours you are going to use in your capsule.  

Getting clarity on these things will give you a strong base for a versatile and functional capsule.  

Stay tuned, next week I am going to show you how to pick a colour palette for your capsule. (so go and do your homework!) 

Over to you

Do you have any other tips? 



Or, your secret weapon to a simpler morning. 

Dressing kids is hard. Parenting is hard.  And if  you’re tired of digging through piles of clothes to find that one blue top that goes with that mustard skirt and then battling to get it onto your darling daughter, then your kids need a capsule wardrobe.

So why should you create a capsule wardrobe for your kids?

Laundry is easier

Do you feel like you are constantly doing laundry? Overwhelmed by Mount Foldmore? Kids clothes have a habit of multiplying at an alarming rate.  

If this is happening at your place, a capsule wardrobe is for you. 

How does having a capsule wardrobe make laundry easier? You'll still have to do it regularly, but it won't so much of a chore when you do.  If clothes don't get washed, there will be nothing to wear! (The thought of being naked is a great motivator!)

And with less clothes overall, the pile of laundry to be dealt with doesn’t get so tall that the thought of tackling it fills you with dread. 

Kids will dress themselves (and develop their sense of independence)

It’s amazing how quickly children develop a sense of style. And independence.  

Do you have battles and tantrums because they “want to do it!”? And when you let them are they constantly changing their mind about what they want to wear? Well, having less clothes actually helps them to make a decision. 

Capsule wardrobes are made to mix and match.  Once you’ve mastered the art of mix and match your kids will be able to pick their own clothes.  And the outfits they create actually look good!  Everything in their drawers plays well together so picking an outfit is one less thing to worry about.

Shopping is easier

Shopping with kids isn't easy and shopping for kids can get out of hand. (I strongly suggest you shop online!) You buy things that you think look cute.  But then you get them home and they don’t work with other things you have.  I’m guilty of doing this for my own wardrobe! 

With a capsule, you’ll make a plan for the season and you’ll know exactly what you need to buy. 

More style, less stress

Capsule wardrobes have changed our mornings. With so much going on each morning, simplifying your kids clothing will make your life so much easier.

When your kids have a wardrobe of clothes that they love, they’ll  wear every single item of clothing they own. With less fuss.  

And they’ll spend less time throwing every item of clothing they own onto the floor!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some tips on how to simplify your kids wardrobes. Including how to pick colours, how many clothes you really need, and the art of mix and match.

Over to you

Do you struggle with dressing your kids? Share your frustrations and laundry woes below.  At least I'll know I'm not alone!



I was sitting in my son’s nursery.  It was nearing 5am and I had just settled him after a rough night.  The birds were starting to chirp (I am pretty sure there was a nest outside his window!)

And I was thinking. 

Thinking about how  to get my son to sleep well, feed well and how to avoid raising a psychopath! Worrying about whether he was too hot or too cold.  And feeling overwhelmed (or maybe I was just tired!!).  

Then a box caught my eye.  As I opened it, out spilled my grandmother’s (I used to call her ‘Ini’ as kid) sketches of her childhood in Holland. I instantly felt calmer. I realised that just like early morning bird song, parenthood can be a simple and joyful experience.

And, that night, after spending hours soothing my son, I realised that it isn’t just babies that need to be soothed.

And Eef Ini was born.

What my grandparents taught me about kids clothing

Ini was an artist and Eef built boats. They were free thinking adventurers who left everything they knew and journeyed halfway around the world – in search of a simpler life.

When I started my kids clothing business, I knew that I wanted to capture Eef Ini’s sense of wonder, their inquisitive and adventurous spirit.  

To create clothes that were young, imaginative and delicately detailed. My grandparents taught me many life lessons, but the most important were:

That pictures are powerful 

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  But here’s a bit of brain science for you. Our most vivid memories are triggered by smells, sounds and pictures.

Ini had a humble formica table in her kitchen, and as my grandfather did the dishes she would doodle all over it in pencil. The next morning it would be wiped clean. 

Everytime I hear someone writing with a pencil (which is kind of rare these days!) I’m 3 years old again and back in the cozy kitchen of their little cottage.  All our designs begin with that feeling. 

The illustrations on our tees aren’t just pictures, they’re inspired by those nostalgic moments of childhood and the warm and safe feeling they give you. 

That details matter

My grandfather (affectionately known as ‘Eef’) taught me that when we focus on simple things, the little details, what brings us joy – we feel lighter and  happier. 

And the details of our clothes are very important to me.  Our t shirts are built to worn again and again, and handed down to younger brothers or sisters. 

We make all our kids clothes and babywear from natural fabrics like cotton and merino. Because, no matter how sweet you think something is, your kids aren’t going to wear it if it’s not comfortable (not without a fight anyway).   

That the things you use everyday should be practical and beautiful

Ini was an artist and Eef built boats. They were the perfect mix of sensibility and delicate sophistication.  

Just like our clothes. They're easy to wear, and sized so that your little ones have room to play.  Decorated with illustrations that are cute, but not corny.  

And, they’re easy to care for (cos you don’t have time for no handwashing!).